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We got married in August 2011, been trying since then to conceive. underwent lots of tests - never got the results - 18 months and we got our first beautiful BFP. Clara was born at 40+3 but died 2 days later of severe brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen.
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Melissa a Gareth Dale
26. 8. 2011 Leicestershire | 116 fotiek

needs to start thinking about a cake......anyone in leicestershire who can recommend someone?

has ordered her wedding very very excited 😃

having had looooooooooooong discussion with mother in law to be, she has relented and returned the ivory dress - I even drove her to the store to do it!!

had my first wedding nightmare last night........the hairdresser didn't show up!!

so my mother in law to be has bought an ivory dress to wear for my wedding.........!!!!!