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I'm Sophie and been with my wonderful fiance Stuart for 9 years :) We got engaged in Rome on July 17th 2010 and getting married 16th June 2012. Can't wait to be his wife!
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Sophie Hall a Stuart Gillies
16. 6. 2012 North Yorkshire | 215 fotiek

is starting to really hope I'll look good in a wedding dress lol can't wait to try them on!

  • debbieandjaysbigdayYou will look amazing babe!! Enjoy the dress shopping!! 🙂 x
    • mizza1987enjoy it!! i tried on EVERYTHING and had my friends in fits of giggles with some of the ones i tried on - you'll know when you find yours (i never believed this until i found mine!) we made a day of it and had lunch and afternoon tea out and then some cocktails too 😃 xx
      • sophie2bgillies
        @debbieandjaysbigday  Thanks 🙂 - it'll be fun I'm sure just hoping i'll find the one!!xx
        @mizza1987  I hope i find the one lol but everyone keeps saying that you just know- the tea and cocktails sounds like a fab idea! xx